Congratulations Due for New Ranks at Last Affiliate Meeting

We would like to thank everyone that ended 2015 off in high fashion by attending the last affiliate meeting of the year! With record attendance we were excited to see all the support!

On another very exciting note we had quite a few new ranks awarded and if you get a chance to congratulate your team mate when you see them please do! We know how much time, money, blood sweat and tears goes into your training so these new belt rank achievements are not to be taken lightly.

New 1st Degree RCJ Machado Black Belt

Will Martinez

New RCJ Machado Black Belts

George Fujii

Mark Mills

Jeremy Metcalf

Kevin Roberts

Nick Pagan

Damon Yost

New RCJ Machado Brown Belts

Brad Strain

New RCJ Machado Purple Belts

Ian Dunaway

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