BTS Guest PE Teacher

Physical Education Teachers love having RCJ Machado instructors teacher class.  It is easy to be a Guest PE Teacher.  Speak directly with the PE Teacher.  Contact the PE Teacher using an email or have a student deliver a request form to the PE Teacher.

Setting up a formal Partners In Education relationship is another way to set up a Guest PE Teacher class.  The principal, vice principal or counselor are usually the contact person for Partners In Education.  They may tell the PE Teacher to allow you to teach some or all of the students in the whole school as a Guest PE Teacher.  This is especially good at the beginning of Back-To-School.

It is important students do not have any physical contact with each other during the class.  Concentrate on creating a desire for students to come to the Academy to test for a white belt and break a real board.  Allow the PE Teacher to request a mental or physical benefit as the theme of the class.  This will help the PE Teacher work the class into the required curriculum for the PE Class.

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