BTS Friend Fest

Friend Fest gives students an opportunity to make new friends the first week of school.  These new friends come with the student to Friend Fest.  Host Friend Fest the first or second Friday of the school year.  Avoid Labor Day weekend when planning the event.  This can be one of your biggest events of the year when following the announcements for Friendship Month.

The purpose of Friend Fest is for students to make new friends during the first week of school and continue to be friends by bringing them to Friend Fest.  Practice martial arts basics and friendship drills as part of the event.  Provide refreshments at the end of the event.  This will give you more time to talk to parents to set appointments for classes.

You will have a higher percentage of parents attend the event with the guests compared to other events.  This is because the students have just become friends with these guests.  The parents of the students and guests may not have even met before.  As a result, the guests’ parents will bring their child to the event and in many instances stay to watch the entire event.  It will be much easier to collect contact information and set appointments with the guests’ parents in attendance.

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