BTS Flyers

Flyers can be used in many ways for Back-To-School Marketing including business partners, cars, door hangers, guest passes and more.  This section is specifically discussing placing flyers on cars.  Placing flyers on cars should not be your go to marketing strategy.  Instead, think of placing flyers on cars as a last resort marketing strategy.

Systematize the flyers by planning out where, when and how many flyers will be placed each week.  How many people will put flyers on cars?  How many days a week will each person put out flyers?  How many hours per day?  Use these questions to plan out how many flyers will be put out per person per week and per month.  Finally, come up with the total number of flyers per month.

Plan out which parking lots will be targeted each week.  Rotate the parking lots.  This will help prevent business owners from contacting you or the authorities about the flyers.  Continuing to go to the same parking lots over and over will become very annoying and upset some of the business owners.

It may be against a city or county ordinance to place flyers on cars.  The city ordinance is required to be posted.  It will normally be posted on signs in the parking lot entrance / exit or light posts.  Most municipalities do not enforce the fines associated with placing flyers on cars unless it is a repeated offense.  Owners of the shopping center would normally need to complain repeatedly before a fine occurs.

Prepare yourself for the phone calls.  Businesses in a shopping center you flyer may call you to complain.  Have several canned responses ready….

1. I have a new employee. 2. One of my employees must really be trying to reach their goals this month. 3. Some of our teenage students must be out trying to recruit more students. 4. We are having a referral contest.  Some of the students must really be excited about winning the grand prize.

* End each of these with “I will tell them not to do this again.”

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