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Join the RCJ Machado Association! Call today and speak to a member of Team RCJ with questions about the membership options, application process and the revolutionary Machado Method. Join the BJJ Revolution by calling Team RCJ at 214-636-4536.

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Take the first step in becoming a member of the RCJ Machado Association.

Start the process by clicking the JOIN NOW button at the bottom of this page. A $50 Application Fee is required to process all applications to the RCJ Machado Association. The entire Application Fee of $50 is refunded to applicants which are not accepted in the RCJ Machado Association.



After completing the automated application fee processing, you will be taken to the members area to complete the Membership Approval Form which asks about your martial arts background and experience in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

All RCJ Machado Association Applicants must provide authorization for RCJ Machado or a third party to conduct a criminal background check. You will have the opportunity to download the Criminal Background Check Consent Form at the end of the application process. In addition, you will receive an email with the Background Check Consent Form attached.

Each person’s background is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Circumstances, age of the individual and length of time since any and all incidences along with other factors are taken into account before approving or denying an application based on the criminal background check.

Applicants must COMPLETE, SIGN, SCAN & EMAIL the Background Check Consent Form to



Your Membership Approval Form will be reviewed by one of The Machado Brothers. RCJ Machado Association Members and RCJ Machado Franchisees receive an Exclusive Territory. Exclusive Territories vary based on the population density of the local area. One of The Machado Brothers will call you directly with any final questions and to personally invite you to the next Association Training once you have been approved.


After Approval

Approved members are mailed the RCJ Machado Licensing Agreement via FedEx or other service. A Skype video call is scheduled to review the agreement and answer any questions. The signed agreement and payment method forms are then mailed back to RCJ Machado via a FedEx prepaid envelope.


Join the BJJ Revolution

Become part of the legacy! Have your rank and the rank of your students certified by The Machado Brothers.