What’s Better Than One Machado Brother?

3 Machado Brothers!

The Machado Brothers Carlos, Roger and John Machado are the professors at each of the RCJ Association Training Seminars. Association Members learn the RCJ Machado Curriculum directly from all three of the Machado Brothers to teach for the next three months. All curriculum is also available on The Machado Method™ website.  White Belt curriculum is taught on Friday and advanced curriculum is presented on Saturday.

You will know your understanding of the curriculum and knowledge of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is growing as you test at the Association Training Seminar on Saturday.  Association Members are tested every three months by the Machado Brothers.  Certificates are presented each time a new rank is earned with the signature of Carlos, Roger and John Machado.  Know your BJJ Rank is legitimate and recognized by the exclusive RCJ Machado Federation.

Machado Association Training
Machado Association Training

Work On Your BJJ Game!

Bring questions to ask the Machado Brothers during the Q & A session.  Learn hidden moves within the techniques so you can perform the moves for your body type.  Tap out the competition by learning the Hidden Secrets Of BJJ…

March 2017 Association Training Gallery

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Join the BJJ Revolution

Become part of the legacy! Have your rank and the rank of your students certified by The Machado Brothers.