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Become part of the legacy!  Have your rank and the rank of your students certified by The Carlos Machado.

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The Vision

The Legendary Carlos Machado has committed his life to training the next generation of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructors. This commitment has lead The Carlos to develop a new and exciting Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu curriculum called The Machado Method™. The Machado Method™ is a revolutionary way to learn and teach the art of BJJ for students of all ages. You have the opportunity to learn the most structured Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu curriculum in the world.

RCJ Machado® is the fastest growing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Association in the world with members in Australia, Canada, Mexico and the United States. The RCJ Association is open to martial arts academies of all styles including but not limited to BJJ, Karate, Kenpo, Krav Maga, Martial Arts, MMA, Muay Thai and Tae Kwon Do. Instructors can teach The Machado Method™ exactly as designed or incorporate the material into their own style to enhance self-defense. Academies focused on competition will be excited to be part of the RCJ Machado Competition Team.

Choose your experience with RCJ Machado®. RCJ Machado® offers Association Membership and a Franchise Concept. Association Members retain the current name of their academy and 100% control of the way the business operates. Benefits of the RCJ Association include Curriculum Cycles, Mat Management™, Rank Certification, Ranking System and Testing Procedures. Franchise Locations operate as an RCJ Machado Academy. Benefits of becoming a franchisee include Association Benefits, Business System, Marketing Campaigns, Management Concepts, Revenue Model and Strategic Planning.

Take the first step in becoming a member of the RCJ Machado Association. Call today and speak to a member of Team RCJ. Request a Membership Approval Form (Membership Application). Your Membership Approval Form will be reviewed by Carlos Machado and will call you directly with final questions and to personally invite you to the next Association Training.

Join the BJJ Revolution

Become part of the legacy! Have your rank and the rank of your students certified by Carlos Machado.